• Projects

    We are a multi-discipline professional design firm specializing in electrical engineering, control systems, ventilation, cooling and special purposes design ...

  • Technical computations

    Our team is equiped for high performance computational support to our custommers and able to solve numerical problems in field of control optimization, fluid dynamics, chemistry and electrical systems.

  • Cyber

    With our partner Optasys we prepared unique and highly secured solution for data center. DC will be certified by security. For other customers we're ready to offer versatile solution for DC with attractive prices and full connectivity to backbone.

  • LED lighting control

    With our partner M&D electro and our technology suppliers Schneider Electric and WAGO we prepared unique solutions for combinations advanced control systems and latest products in LED lighting.

„ Our motto : Show us your technical problems, it's our challenge, because thinking is our passion. “

  • Central Control System and SCADA/BMS for Hospital

    Visualization includes classic building automation components (HVAC control and optimization, energy consumption, connection to fire alarm and electronic alarm systems), hospital-specific systems (medical gas monitoring, fire behavior, etc.) and other specific modules (such as control movement of personnel or the system of patient families, property monitoring and crisis management in the event of fire). A camera system for detecting the movement of persons was also integrated.

  • BIM

    According to customer's needs we started implementations for ACad Revit fammilies and we also started offer this solutions for components producers.


    Several SCADA implementation for power grid systems have been completed. Furthermore SCADA systems for hospitals. We also offer Schneider Electric BMS systems.

  • Thermometric measurement

    For our custommers we several years offer thermometrical measurement combined with computation for surfaces with low emisivity.